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Bijan Hosseini



I am a graduate of Myotherapy College of Utah with over 1400 credit hours, and a passion for continuing education. In practice my focus is assessment and training–the goal is to correctly identify the source(s) of imbalance, treat them at that root cause, and then give you the tools you need to help you stay healthy. As I often say, you can maintain along the way or try to fix it after it breaks–and one is much easier and less expensive.

I am certified in Acutherapy, Spinal Touch, and Sports Massage, including injury rehabilitation and cryokinetics. I specialize in CranioSacral, Myofascial Release, Polarity, Positional Release, Reiki, and other forms of energy work. 

Also, I am trained in Clinical Orthopedic Assessment, Deep Tissue, PsychoSomatic Principles, Reflexology, Segmental work, Shiatsu, Spa Techniques (including hot and cold stones), Swedish Massage, traditional and table Thai massage, and Trigger Point Release. 

Other specialized protocols include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), the OLAF protocol (orthopedic massage for fingers/hands), Pregnancy massage (pre and perinatal), TMJ/TMD work, and Myofascial Release for Vocal Technique. 

I blend a compassionate, meditative approach through the integration of my intuition and the application of these various modalities to transport the whole person into a state of wellbeing–employing the sacred realm of touch and human interaction to shift them toward a happier, healthier, more productive and meaningful life.

In addition to my training as a licensed massage therapist, I have a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication from the University of Utah, my 2nd degree Blackbelt under Grandmaster Shihan Arakaki in Muso-Kai Okinawan Karate-Do, and have been a professional actor of both film and stage for over 15 years.


60 / 90 / 120 MINUTE MASSAGE / $80 / $110 / $140

Full 60/90/120 minute treatment combining above modalities particular to client's needs and desired outcome, with additional time pre-treatment for education on likely cause, and post-treatment for personalized therapy recommendations.


Based on the book by Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for—to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, to up the ante on your dreams, to be incredibly generous with your love.  Ten energy work sessions + guided lesson plans to create dynamic change in your personal & professional life, including:

  • Burning up perceptions around other ideas of “success.” 

  • Declaring your superpowers—hone in on your real strengths instead of trying to be well-rounded (because being well-round is highly overrated).

  • Becoming a sovereign of time management—learn the difference between “Power Time” and “Tyrant Time.”

  • Creating a Stop Doing List. (What you stop doing is as critical to your success as what you start doing.)


“I went to see Bijan because of what appeared to be carpel tunnel issues. I was experiencing constant pain, swelling, and numbness in my right hand. The treatment I received was wonderful and very educational. Bijan took the time to help me learn techniques to improve my overall physical health and my issues with what I assumed was carpel tunnel. My hand is now pain-free and has no issues. Bijan compassionate care and knowledge are wonderful, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for healing care. Thank you, Bijan!”


“I'm an actor, and I've had two back surgeries in two years. Recently, my back started giving me problems again, which made me nervous, because I knew I had a particularly intense physical process coming up in rehearsals for my next show. So I called Bijan, and in only one session, he was able to explain my problems and give me some exercises that seemed to work immediately. Skip to now. I'm halfway through rehearsals and have had no back problems whatsoever. It feels stronger than it has in a long time. Thanks, Bijan!.”



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