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Courtney Robertson


Courtney Robertson


As a certified holistic health practitioner, Courtney does more than tell how to get/be healthy; she elevates the healing potential of others through effective and safe health therapies, BodyTalk and Nutrition! With more than ten years of health education, personal and client counseling experience, she’s very passionate about teaching and empowering others how to bring their health back!

Courtney considers the “whole” person - be it physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and genetics. She assists her clients in finding the root cause(s) of pain and disease and clearing energy blocks, also in implementing whole, dense foods as medicine. She is incredible at refocusing and resetting the body’s natural healing response to establish better communication and harmony within it.

Available for personal appointments at Yugen Wellness Center. Also, don’t let long distance stop you! She provides remote sessions via Skype or FaceTime, and they are just as effective!



BodyTalk Session (energy therapy) / $80 per session / 60 MINUTE session

She works one-on-one with clients to identify health status, concerns, and intentions. Through safe and effective BodyTalk techniques, a session restores, harmonizes and supports wellbeing and optimize health.

Holistic Nutrition Consultation / $80 per session / 60 MINUTE session

She consults one-on-one with clients and designs an intuitive list of foods that is enjoyed and addresses the client’s needs and intentions to elevate and optimize health.

She specializes in healthy weight management, healthy digestion, healthy thyroid function, and autoimmune diseases. To learn more about Courtney and her services visit www.letsbringhealthyback.com.


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