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Kat mayer, yoga therapist & RN


Kat Mayer is a soul therapist and yoga therapist, offering healing and a path to wellness that comes from within. Using a blend of movement, intuition, language interpretation, and energy analysis, Kat is able to shed light on the subconscious mind and bring the root of underlying patterns to conscious awareness in order to begin the healing process. Her work is highly individualized to best suit the needs of each client.

Kat completed her yoga teacher certification at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, CA, in 2004. She has since taught in both Salt Lake City, UT, and Bozeman, MT, leading classes from preschoolers to adults. She found a passion in working one on one with her yoga students, developing personalized sequences to assist them in getting through their own unique challenges.

She also holds a degree in nursing and is a practicing RN.



90-120 MINUTE yoga & Soul therapy session / $125

Full 60/90/120 minute treatment combining above modalities particular to client's needs and desired outcome, with additional time pre-treatment for education on likely cause, and post-treatment for personalized therapy recommendations.



— TBD, MARCH 28, 2017


— TBD, JANUARY 23, 2017


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