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Kat Mayer


Kat Mayer, RN

Kat Mayer is a registered nurse, yoga therapist, and energy healer. She was born with an innate ability to understand and heal through energy and has dedicated her life to refining this technique. Having a natural fascination with the human body and mind, she dove into extensive study of both alternative and western medicines and therapies, completing her yoga teacher training on the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in 2004, and earning her ADN in 2013.
Kat currently specializes in healing dis-ease through utilizing yogic asana and customized techniques in each one on one session. In so doing, she assists her clients in uprooting buried subconscious challenges and removing energetic blocks which have been holding them from their highest potential. She also routinely performs remote energy healing and energetic surgery.
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60 / 90 / 120 MINUTE session



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