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I went to see Bijan because of what appeared to be carpel tunnel issues. I was experiencing constant pain, swelling and numbness in my right hand. The treatment I received was wonderful and very educational. Bijan took the time to help me learn techniques to improve my overall physical health and my issues with what I assumed was carpel tunnel. My hand is now pain free and has no issues. Bijan compassionate care and knowledge is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone looking for healing care. Thank you Bijan!

Lisa Fluehe White, March 28, 2017


"Our baby was born with a rare disorder, which affects her vision, kidneys and airways. Our main goal, since finding out about our daughter's disabilities, has been to find her the best care available. The PT had mentioned that she is very "tight", so I sought out the help of an old friend Bijan J. Hosseini, who owns Yugen Massage in Salt Lake. When I made the appt, I honestly didn't really know what to expect since I've never sought "massage therapy" on a baby before. I honestly thought he'd just like massage her legs and send me on my way. Boy, was I wrong. When we first got there, he had everything set up nice for her. Lights dimmed, white noise, mat on the floor, etc. He then took the time to talk to her and get to know her a bit, which is SOOO important to a baby who is visually impaired. I could NOT have been more impressed with our visit. He gave us pointers on how to help her feel more secure, found out what types of sounds were the most comforting to her, how she liked to be held, etc. He involved me and my 9 year old daughter in the visit. When I got home, I relayed everything to Isaac Jaten and he was impressed too. So much so, that we are taking our son with SPD (a form of autism) to see him so he can help him as well. She is doing great, sleeping better and seems to be happier. She loves Cello music and the noise maker has worked great. (Both suggestions from him) She enjoys having the blankets around her and today her PT said she had noticed that she seems to be more relaxed. I am grateful for such good friends in my life!

Ashley Boren Jaten, June 20, 2016


I'm an actor, and I've had two back surgeries in two years. recently, my back started giving me problems again, which made me nervous, because I knew I had a particularly intense physical process coming up in rehearsals for my next show. So I called Bijan, and in only one session, he was able to explain my problems, and give me some exercises that seemed to work immediately. Skip to now. I'm half way through rehearsals, and have had no back problems whatsoever. In fact, it feels stronger than it has in a long time. Thanks Bijan!.”

— Lane RICHINS, JANUARY 23, 2017


"As a performing artist, I believe in the importance of body work and the mind-body connection. Recently, I had a wonderfully healing experience with Bijan at Yugen Massage. Anyone who knows Bijan knows what a kind and genuine spirit he has and, not surprisingly, he is an excellent massage therapist with a true gift for healing. I would recommend that before you seek traditional means of pain relief or other types of therapy, you really owe it to yourself to spend an hour or two at Yugen Massage.

— JAY PERRY, JUNE 8, 2016


"Bijan is a healer and I'm very grateful to have found him. After a serious case of whiplash (made worse by a degenerating disk) I began going to physical therapy. It helped, but most days, I still had a gnawing sort of low level pain in my neck and thoracic. When I went to Bijan, he suggested Cranial Sacral work. I walked out of our session pain free and have remained pain free. That session helped me realize that I had been holding on to emotional and physical pain from the accident...and I needed to let it go.

Anna Khaja, JUNE 11, 2016


"Sometimes you don't even realize just how in need you are of a time out to pamper yourself. I just had an incredible prenatal massage at Yugen Massage by Bijan. My poor hips have been aching, and calves cramping through the night and morning. To spend time in a beautiful, calm, cozy space having my problem areas worked on, and getting a chance to safely and comfortably lay on my stomach just changed my whole day! Bijan is amazing at what he does. I can't wait for my next trip in. I highly suggest checking out his variety of services!

Deena Marie Manzanares, JANUARY 26, 2016