Yugen Wellness Center
Intuitive :: Compassionate :: Ineffable




We've approached every detail with the care an artist would give to his or her masterpiece. Our dual lobbies create a space for relaxation before treatment and for restoration immediately after. Fresh flowers, artwork that invites meditation, and complimentary organic refreshments ask you to linger. All of our treatment rooms are completely private, custom-designed to the practitioner's specifications, and totally serene. As proud patrons of health and wellness, we use only environmentally-friendly products in our space and sought a design that focused on luxurious simplicity to enhance your experience. Below are some of our favorite details that we've curated to give you an experience both sacred and luxurious.



Let yourself be embraced by luxurious custom seating, fresh flowers, and soft lighting. With two separate lobbies, you'll find space to relax and settle in before your treatment or spend a few moments in the quiet calm before re-entering the world. Purified water, organic teas, and a premium sound system invite you to relax and fully re-charge.



Our commitment to health and wellness means that we have sought a design focused on inviting natural elements into the space and a meaningful approach to luxurious simplicity.



Custom-designed to each practitioner's specifications using soft, natural light, each private treatment room is complete with thoughtful amenities curated with your comfort and serenity in mind.



The art in our space was carefully selected to pique your curiosity and invite meditation. Custom-created for Yugen, these abstract photographs support the work of freelance artists.